Family’s 9-month-old daughter is given death sentence, then her babysitter does something no one expects


Any individual who’s been a sitter or filled in as a babysitter knows the colossal duty that lays on your shoulders.

Most sitters accept the position truly, yet some go well beyond what any parent could request.

Twenty-two-year-old Kiersten Miles had just taken care of George and Farra Rosko’s three youngsters for fourteen days — however when one of the child’s lives was one the line, Kiersten settled on an extraordinary choice.

Furthermore, it was a choice that will leave the Roskos forever thankful.


Kiersten Miles is a 22-year-old student from New Jersey and was searching for a job to support her college fees.

She got in contact with the Rosko family and began working for them right away.

In no time, Kiersten formed a strong bond with the couple’s three kids, and especially their youngest daughter, Talia.


She then found out that the nine month old had liver disease.

When doctors said that Talia would need a new liver, Kiersten stepped up and said she wanted to give it to her.

George and Farra and Rosko were not so keen on the idea at the start and warned her of the dangers and complications behind it.


Donating a liver is not that simple. It’s not like you are just donating blood. They have to operate on your body and there is a risk of death involved.

Kiersten still wanted to do it and ended up getting tested. It turned out she was a match.

George and Farra Rosko were obviously extremely grateful to Kiersten for her selfless decision. But they made sure they didn’t push Kiersten to make a decision she might regret later.

Kiersten had no regets, and on January 11, 2017, she and Talia went to the hospital for the 14-hour surgery.


The doctors gave Kiersten an anesthetic and began to operate and remove part of her liver. They then transferred it directly into Talia.

The transplant turned out to be a total success.

Kiersten stayed at the hospital for five days and Talia stayed for nine.


Today, both Kiersten and Talia quickly recovered. Talia is now a happy healthy toddler.

You would not even think she had anything wrong with her before as she runs and plays around the garden.

Kiersten of course deserves a hug “thank you” for her amazing gesture. Talk about a heart of gold!


Sometimes we think the world is only full of bad things. But its people like Kiersten who remind us that people can still be extremely kind.

Instead of focusing on her own life and studies she decided that she would help someone else in the process and do something kind for another human being.

This girl is a superhero and she deserves all the recognition she can get.

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