Evil Teen Arrested After Posting Horrifying Videos Of Herself Torturing And Killing Animals


Animals like dogs and cats rely on human beings to nurture and protect them. Even animals who live on the streets seem to hope that the people who pass by will toss them some scraps to eat—or at least give them a pat on the head.

In Russia, the streets are overrun with abandoned dogs and cats. And while local animal lovers do all they can to help, there are only so many homes for all of these creatures.

When one woman in Russia started adopting stray animals, it appeared that she was simply being selfless and kind. However, once it was revealed what she was doing behind closed doors with those animals, the community was shocked—and her story even made international news.

Alina Orlova, 21, seemed to care about the stray dogs and cats she would take into her home in Russia. After all, why else would she be adopting them? But she was arrested—and she could be facing a lot of time in prison—for what she did to those animals once they were in her home.


After she took in the abandoned cats and dogs from the streets of her neighborhood, she would torture them… and kill them. If that wasn’t gruesome enough, Alina would share very graphic videos and photographs of the abuse she was inflicting on social media. In a twist of fate, it was the act of posting these horrific images that got her caught.

Alina, whose hand is seen in one image threatening a cat with a knife, was arrested at the Vladivostok airport in Russia where she was waiting for a connecting flight. Alina is a passionate horror film devotee and is quoted as saying, “I love blood.” But it only gets worse…


Alina did not commit these terrible acts alone, either. Often she enlisted the help of friends who would pose with her in photographs detailing their crimes. Alina denied the allegations claiming that all of the photographs and videos had been digitally edited to frame her.

The various photographs and video that Alina was accused of publishing, which chronicled her sick and violent treatment of the animals she was supposed to care for, were far too graphic to be shared on this site. Still, they painted a picture of someone with little regard for animals.

Alina’s photos were so graphic that more than 30,000 people signed a petition demanding that the authorities intervene. Thankfully, they did. While they were not able to do anything for the animals Alina had already killed, who knows how many other lives they saved?


Some of the photographs that Alina posted included a dog being shot and another being nailed to a cross. While it wasn’t clear why she would post such things, one thing was certain: it was immoral and sickening behavior, to say the least. Thankfully, the people of Russia proved that they would not stand by and let innocent creatures be harmed.


Unfortunately, these kinds of acts are all too common, especially in areas where pets are readily abandoned and abused. Hopefully Alina will make up for her crimes and get the help she needs. In the meantime, her community is relieved that she is unable to harm any other creatures from here on out.

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