Ethel Granger: A Woman With The Smallest Waist In The World Who Changed Her Body For The Sake Of Love


People can do crazy things when they are in love. In some cases, their actions look sweet and romantic, but sometimes, they are insane. And what Ethel Granger did to please her partner is if not crazy but strange.

The woman with the tiniest waist in the world

Ethel Granger was born in the early 1900s in Cambridgeshire. When she got married to a young astronomer, William Arnold Granger, back in 1928, she probably couldn’t even imagine that this marriage will lead her to entering The Guinness Book of Records.


The thing is that Mr. Granger adored corsets and thin waists. Ethel had a pretty small waist, to begin with, just about 22 inches (56 cm). But to please her husband even more, the woman started wearing corsets on a regular basis, tightening them even more.


In 1939, Ethel Granger’s name was added to The Guinness Book of Records. In a bit more than 10 years of her marriage, Ethel managed to reduce the natural size of her waist by almost 10 inches – to only 13 inches (33 cm).


In addition to wearing extremely tight corsets, Ethel was also wearing very high-heeled shoes and made lots of piercing not only on her face but on her body as well. All these actions had one purpose – to please her husband, William.

Sacrifices made in the name of love

Ethel Granger made a lot of sacrifices in the name of love. The woman died in 1982 at the age of 77. In 2011, the Italian version of Vogue even dedicated their September issue to the woman. And while her achievements are quite impressive, they are pretty much sad as well.

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We hope that both Ethel and William liked the way her body had transformed over the years of tight lacing. However, it is devastating that the woman was ready to do such extreme things to her body and risk her health in order to make her husband like her a bit more.

The true beauty of a person is not about the way they look, shape of their body, or type of clothes they wear. The inner beauty of a person is way more important. There is no reason in trying to fit someone’s standards and look perfect in another person’s eyes. All women are beautiful the way they are!