Energetic Kitty Sees a Colorful Ball Pit for the 1st Time… Now He Can’t Stop Jumping!


Boomer and Didga are the stars of the Catmantoo YouTube channel. There are a lot of videos of them performing all sorts of tricks and Robert Dollwet as a professional animal trainer knows exactly how to teach them. This particular video below will show you how these two kittens react to a colorful ball pit.

Didga is completely not amused nor interested in it, but Boomer on the other hand simply can’t get enough of it. It doesn’t matter if the balls are in a cardboard box or in a little plastic pool he just wants to be surrounded by them.

You will see him jumping in them, hiding underneath, playing with them and even sleeping on top of the pile of balls. He is definitely having the time of his life.

Has your cat ever played in a ball pit?

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