Elvis Proposed To Young Beauty Right Before Death. 40 Years On, She Opens Up About Losing Him


When Elvis Presley rose to fame, his entire life was thrust into the spotlight.

One of the most popular things to talk about when it came to Elvis Presley was his love life. As “The King” of rock and roll (and a cultural icon), Elvis could never get away from speculation about his romantic partners.

After his marriage with Priscilla Presley ended in 1973, Elvis had a variety of other relationships.

But it’s his final relationship that sheds the most light on his life — and untimely death.

When Elvis and Linda Thompson split up in 1976, he started dating Ginger Alden. Two months later, Elvis proposed to Ginger and asked her to move in with him.

But when Elvis passed away in 1977, people had all sorts of speculations about his death. Although his official cause of death was a heart attack, many people believed his drug use led to his declining health.

Friends of his told the media that he was overeating and becoming a sluggish version of his previously energetic self.

Ginger recalls this time very differently. She spent almost every day with Elvis during his final year of life, and she remembers him as being just as charismatic and vibrant as ever.

To find out more about her take on her lover’s death, watch the video below.

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