Elvis Presley’s divorce document surprised fans, sharing new facts about split with Priscilla


The auctioned document reveals what Priscilla got in their divorce.

Elvis and Priscilla got married in Las Vegas, Nevada on May first of 1967. Together, the Presleys were one of the golden rock and roll most famous couples. At the time, Elvis was 32 years old and Priscilla 21. One year, Lisa Marie Presley was born out of their union on February 1st of 1968.

According to People Music, the ex-couple´s divorce document states the marriage end date in August 15, 1972. It is explained as the cause for divorce that irreconcilable differences had arose between the couple, and the parties were living apart since February 23, 1972.

The document illustrates the back and forth of the parties legal negotiations, when the split happened. It is an interest document for the fans, but more so to the redefine eye, used to the interpretation of legal´s procedures.


The document, which in 2011 was sold for an amount 8000 dollars, is nowadays priced in the order of 26,318 to 32,898 dollars. A very expensive sum for fans keepsake.

The 12-pages paper revealed the rock and roll star signed his iconic 1971 Mercedes-Benz, his 1969 Cadillac Eldorado, the 1971 Harley Davidson motorcycle and an extra $100,00.The artist also agreed on giving to Priscilla half of the resulting sum from their three houses in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California.

In the document it is mentioned the couple had agreed on dividing their goods through the paper, in order to avoid additional costs, whether financial and/or emotional. The little details of imprinted in the document will remain as one of the pieces of rock and roll and show business history.