Ellen Demands To Speak With Mechanic After Bullied Student Finds Hate Messages Carved Into Car


Back in 2012, Jordan Addison was a college student whose car was repeatedly damaged and vandalized with hateful and homophobic slurs.

Jordan’s vehicle was targeted four times by vandals, and on one occasion, the word “DIE” was keyed into the side. He didn’t have the money to properly fix the damages.

Richard Henegar Jr., who owns Quality Auto Paint and Body in Roanoke, heard about the violent hate crime against Jordan and knew he had to help. Though he had never met Jordan before, he says he doesn’t take kindly to any type of discrimination.

When all was said and done, Richard put in $10,000 worth of repairs to Jordan’s car, and he didn’t charge him a dime. Just incredible.

Ellen DeGeneres was so incredibly touched by this story that she insisted on bringing both Jordan and Richard together for her first show of the 10th season.

“Sometimes, a simple act of kindness can make your whole world change,” she said, before unleashing surprises for the two men, now bonded together for life.

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