Ellen DeGeneres was so inspired by this woman’s story that she used her own money to help her


Ellen DeGeneres proves over and over again that she has a heart of gold.

The talk show host invited a guest named Joyce to join her on stage after losing in one of her “Game of Games.”

“I shouldn’t say this, but I really was pulling for you,” said Ellen.

She asked Joyce to share her remarkable story.

Joyce works with a charity called Chemo Buddies, which gives helps provide comfort to patients going through cancer treatment.

“My husband is a five-year cancer survivor,” Joyce explained holding back tears. “But unfortunately, four months after me and my husband got married, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer and he died 10 weeks later. So it’s something that’s dear to my heart and unfortunately cancer is a big part of my family.”

And Joyce’s hardships didn’t end there. She and her family experienced a major flood a month ago, so they are currently living out of a hotel. Her mother is also dealing with advanced stage Alzheimers.

“For me, I had to make some decisions that were very hard. I feel like a failure as a daughter sometimes because how do you choose paying for her medical treatment or paying her mortgage?” said Joyce. “And I had to choose paying for her medical treatment.”

“Listen,” said Ellen. “There’s no way you’re a horrible anything. Much less a horrible daughter. You’re an amazing human being. I mean, you’re incredible.”

Ellen also asked about the adoption process she and her family are currently going through.

“We adopted our little boy three years ago. His name is Jayden and he’s the best gift that ever happened to me,” said Joyce. “And seven weeks ago we got a call that his sibling, his sister, is born. And they want to know if she can come to our home and be part of our family.”

Ellen, who’s filling her audience with big-hearted people for her birthday show on January 26, invited Joyce back for the episode.

Then she presented Joyce with a check from Shutterfly for $25,000.

“And I just love you so much I want to match that. I’m going to give you $25,000 as well,” said Ellen. “I love you.”