Each Person Has 4 Kinds Of Soul Mates, And Here’s How To Recognize Them!


1. One And Only


Most people think that they have a one and only soulmate. They obsess on finding that one person that’s perfectly meant for them. Some people spend a lifetime searching for that true love.

2. Four By Four


But did you know that you could have more than one soulmate? There are precisely four types of different soulmates that you can have. Exactly four. No more. No less.

3. #1 Healing Soul Mates

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Healing soul mates show up exactly when you need them most. They’re there to help you learn important lessons in life and move you forward. Healing soulmates are kind of like Mary Poppins, who showed up at the Banks’ Family’s house exactly when the children wished for her.

4. How To Spot A Healing Soulmate


You’ll know exactly when a healing soulmate has entered your life. It will just feel like the timing is right. If you find yourself fighting the same patterns you normally fight, throwing the same punches you normally throw, there’s a good chance a healing soulmate will wander into your path to you help sort things out.

5. How To Nurture A Healing Soulmate

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Your healing soulmate might leave your life as quickly as they entered, and just know that’s part of the nature of healing soulmates. They’re there in your life for a reason, and once that reason is over, the relationship might be over as well. Don’t try to make your healing soulmate stay in your life longer than they need to be. If they need to go, let them go!

6. #2 Past-Life Soulmates

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If it feels like you’ve known someone for an eternity, there’s a good chance you have. Your spark will be instant. It might even feel like you’re picking up where you left off. This sort of soulmate will last forever, and in some ways, it already has.

7. How To Spot A Past-Life Soulmate


Your past-life soulmates usually come into your life when you’re doing you. When you’re fully yourself and not holding back, the person who seems like the perfect fit for you will usually pop their heads into your life. If you find someone who you feel like you’ve known forever and who fully accepts you as you, they’re probably a past-life soulmate.

8. How To Nurture A Past-Life Soulmate


Past-life soulmates help you get in touch with who you truly are. Use the relationship to reconnect with the other person — and with yourself. Strengthen your connection with this person any way you can, and remember to always be your best self.

9. #3 Karmic Soulmates


You might know your karmic soulmate from a past life, but they’re different from past-life soulmates. Karmic soulmates come into your life so that you can fix your past mistakes. The relationship might be hard. The relationship might be painful. But they’ve been sent into your life to work through it all.

10. How To Spot A Karmic Soulmate


If you feel an intense emotion towards the other person, there’s a chance they might be a karmic soulmmate. If your relationship feels 10,000 times more passionate than anything you’ve ever experienced, there might be something in the relationship that you need to be fixed. It’s time to break that negative cycle.

11. How To Nurture A Karmic Soulmate

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Your karmic soulmate is there to help you break free from a vicious cycle. So when dealing with your karmic soulmate, try not to repeat your past mistakes. Focus on your relationship in the present, and all of the positive aspects of it. Be kind to your karmic soulmate, and maybe you’ll finally be able to right all of your wrongs.

12. #4 Twin Flames


Twin flames are above and beyond soulmates. It’s like your heart beats as one. You do everything as a pair. You think the same thoughts. You feel the same feelings. If you’re lucky enough to meet and fall in love with your twin flame, you’ll be in love for the rest of your life.

13. How To Spot A Twin Flame


When you find your twin flame, you will feel like a whole person. You’ll find yourself completely in sync with the other person. You’ll never want to be apart from them. It’s a love like no other.

14. How To Nurture A Twin Flame


A relationship with your twin flame is the easiest relationship you will have. It’s rooted in honesty. You two can overcome any obstacles together. Your love for your twin flame is eternal and will never burn out.

15. Finders Keepers


Now that you know what to look for, you can find it. If you stop focusing on trying to find «the love of your existence,» and instead try to find «a love in your existence.» Things will open up!