Don’t Let The Pig, Rabbit, And Duck Confuse You… Surely You Can Figure Out How Much The 3 Of Them Weigh Together!


If you like math and visiting the zoo, then you’ll enjoy this animal equation.

First, we have our little rabbit friends, with three of them weighing 12 kg. How much does each one weigh?


However, one mischievous rabbit escapes with the duck, and together they weigh 5 kg. How much does the duck weigh?

And now, a pig appears. Its weight minus that of the duck equals 99 kg. How much does the pig weigh?

Now, how much do the pig, rabbit, and duck weigh together?

The correct answer is 105 kg. Why? Because, the rabbit weighs 4 kg, the duck weighs 1 kg, and the pig weighs 100 kg.

The trick is in finding out the weight of each one first.