Dog Receives Food From Kind Woman. Instead Of Eating It All, She Took Some To Other Hungry Dogs


One can easily call this story touching because it’s hard to remain indifferent when facing a real act of kindness. If you thought that animals are not capable of this, then today’s story will make you change your mind!

Meet this dog called Lisia. She was tamed by a woman from the Brazilian slums. Of course, there was not so much food, so Lisia was running along the streets to find something to eat. This is how she met Professor Lucia Helena de Souz.


The dog’s owner was wondering where her pet goes every night. What is more, the distance that the dog needed to go was 3.5 km! The reason for that was “communication” with the professor.

She brought food to the dog, and then she began to notice that Lisia always leaves some of it in the plastic bag and takes with her. The professor was surprised and started to prepare more food because it became apparent that the dog was feeding someone else…


Lisia brings the plastic bag back to the slums and shares the food with… other animals! She gives the food to two other dogs.


The cat, Lisia takes care of, also gets some!


What is more, she shares even with the family of chickens!


The animals know that while Lisia is alive, they are all safe because she will not let them die of hunger!


This dog amazes everyone with its kindness and generosity. How can one think that animals have no feelings when they clearly demonstrate the opposite? Let this story serve as an example and inspiration, which once again confirms the fact that it is necessary to help the weak and the helpless. Only in this way, everyone will be happy!