Does the cat understand our speech? Scientists answer


Our wonderful cats and cats are very talented and sociable. They can easily explain to us, the owners, what their mood is with the help of various sounds, gestures and expressions of the muzzle. However, can fluffy understand our human language? Scientists have long studied the psychology of cats and came to amusing conclusions. About them — in this article.

How a cat “speaks” and perceives speech


The range of perceived sounds in these fluffy animals is much wider than in humans. At the same time, cats have an amazing ability to cut off all unnecessary sounds, highlighting only those that they need. Between themselves, cats communicate using gestures, as well as using ultrasonic waves. Your pet’s speech system is different from human: cats, in principle, cannot make sounds similar to human speech. If people use only the tip of their tongue to make one or another sound, then cats for these purposes strain the muscles of the lips, mouth and throat. So the cat has no need and opportunity to “learn” the human language. By the way, not many people know that in most cases a cat does not need to communicate with meowing — it does it on purpose when it wants to attract the attention of the owner.


How understanding happens

Many owners notice that the cat understands speech and unambiguously responds to certain phrases: it knows its name and understands when it is called or when it is scolded, even if different family members do it. Most likely, the cat understands the meaning of the phrase by intonation, which she remembers, and begins to associate with a specific phenomenon in her life. Scientists have repeatedly conducted experiments and studies, figuring out whether a cat understands human language. According to the results, we can say that the same cat is able to perceive phrases in different languages if they are pronounced by people with whom she managed to live for two weeks


Obviously, in this way the understanding of human speech is arranged not only by the cat, but also by other tamed animals. The famous English naturalist Gerald Darrell, who was convinced that animals understand people, paid great attention to this issue. Empirically, he found that animals perceive the so-called «energetic essence» of the word — the emotional message — as well as its size and wavelength.

Cats and tasks


For a long time, cats  have been living with people soon begin to understand what they are talking about, and can even carry out commands. It is believed that it is easier to train dogs, but cats need less time to remember tasks that then remain in their memory for a long time. If the dog needs up to 7 repetitions, then two or three are enough for the cat. Which once again shows how smart  creatures they are..