Doctors Told Obese Girl She Wouldn’t Make 40, So She Went From 405 Lbs To Ironman Champion.


At her largest, Elena (Elle) Goodall weighed over 400 pounds. She would frequently eat three large meals when she sat down for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Elle couldn’t tie her own shoes and if she sat down on the ground, she couldn’t get back up. Despite all that, though, the Australian woman didn’t have her wakeup call until doctors told her she was putting her health at risk — in a big way.

Elle’s doctor’s told her she wouldn’t make it to 40 if she kept up her eating habits.

Hey guys I'm just trying to get all my accounts set up so I now have Twitter Facebook Instagram and tumbler lol I have had a few requests from my YouTube Channel so I am giving it all a go

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Determined to make a change, she started eating right.

But that wasn’t it. Elle knew that with all the obstacles she was about to encounter, she had to work towards something to truly make a change. The challenge? Elle says, “The triathlon has always been the ultimate for me — it’s three sports in one.”

So she hit the pool, the road, and the bike.

“Did my first spin class ever it hurt all over,” she wrote on Instagram. But she kept going back.

Slowly but surely, Elle saw her body changing. And with it, so did her outlook on life.

“I cry because of how proud I am in less than 2 years I have turned my life around from nearly losing my battles with weight and fast food.”

It has been a tough journey so far I have gone through ALOT to get to this point I watched a video of myself before surgery and just broke into tears how could I let myself get that bad how could I not see what was happening I thaught I was a normal size I honistly didn't think I was THAT big I mean I knew I was big but not like that but now I see it I feel sorry for my old self so I wanted to apologise to myself and my family ❤️ I'm so sorry for stretching you to your limits I'm sorry for making you so sick and feeding you all that bad food I'm sorry I let it go that far I'm sorry for all the pain and swelling in my joints and for letting you get to the point where u couldn't get up off the ground I'm sorry for all the comments you had to cop because of your size I truly am sorry I love you body but I didn't treat you well at all now I would like to make a thanks from the old Elle to the new one THANKYOU!!! For taking that next step going and talking to your doctor and deciding to do something that you r so scaird of but thanks because you have changed my future life look at me I am a triathlete????? it's insane considering I found it hard to walk 100m then needed a rest only 5months ago in just 5 months I have gained the ability to do an 800m swim 25km ride and 5km RUN one after the other and it is all thanks to that one decision that changed my life FOREVER!! THANKYOU ❤️ #healthychoices #healthyeating #helathylife #weightlosssucess #weightloss

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Elle crushed it at her first triathlon and quickly set a new goal to complete her second.

So I DID IT!!!!!! I made good time to I was happy with it 800m swim 25km ride 5km run DONE I still love Tri if not more now next up NOOSA HITTING THE BIG ONES!!! I'm honistly so proud of myself I have been saying this a lot lately and to think in November last year I weigh in at 172kg now I'm doing triathlons and not just small ones and I really need to thank my coach vicki @vitalizefitnessandlifecoaching this lady is amazing she has helped me get to this point and has believed in me from the beginning when I first met vicki I said to her I want to do a Tri not just any but I want to do Noosa I said maby in 2017 she said I can get u Tri ready in a few months AND SHE DID!!! Vick THANKYOU from the bottom of my hart THANKYOU you have helped change my life FOREVER ur love of Tri has rubed off on me and ur passion for helping others is truly inspiring u r one amazing human ❤️❤️❤️❤️? #swim #ride #run #triathlon #juliacreekdirtndust #isarats #isaratstriclub #juliacreekqld

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Hey guys so recently I have had a lot of negativity around the word surgery I wanted to make people aware of first of all what it is I had done and the affects it has because I think no I know some people think if you have surgery your lazy and I had somone message me today a beautiful girl who has tried everything nothing is working she is around my weight pre surgery but after seeing some coments that were left on my page today is worried about what people think about "Weightloss surgery" so I had the gastric sleeve gastronomy in basic terms it is where they get inside me and cut and stapled my stummoc then they removed over half of it through a small keyhole all up there were 5 small incisions after this surgery i was only able to eat very small portions still am but the one thing that many people don't see when it comes to this topic is this is only a tool guys your stummoc eventually stretches back out this is a tool to help you learn to eat more regularly smaller portions to help u het that weight down so u can exercise I do know some people who have had this surgery and they have not lost much at all because they refuse to change what there eating and they push it it can be so easy to stretch your stummoc back out if your forever filling urself till ur way to full but not only that they refused to exercise this is where I am seeing a huge difference from the drastic amount I have lost so quick quicker than normal because I'm out there working my bum off literally it's gone my bum lol ???? So I do have Noosa triathlon coming up on the 30th of October it is a HUGE deal for me and a HUGE step in my journey to get there I do have to raise $1000 for my charity smiling for smiddy please guys if you can please help me get to Noosa. And thankyou all for your love and support I am forever greatful https://secure.fundraiseformater.org.au/registrant/mobile/mobilePersonalPage.aspx?registrationID=966923&Referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2F#.VuaMDjaflzc.facebook #love #lovelife #loveyourself #thankyou #trainning #instafitness #instafit #workit #healthyactivelifestyle #stillwinning #soproud #mountisa #healthyeating

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Her body continued to transform with hard work and strength of mind.

I would like to share with you another #beforeandafter I really want people to know that my story is much more than just #weightloss it is a story of courage determination and drive my story really changed once I found triathlon in the beginning it was all about weight loss and how much I had lost how many cms I had dropped ect then I found triathlon and I started to forget about all that non important stuff it became more about what foods I was eating to properly fuel my body to be able to do an endurance sport it became about being strong enough to swim kms ride for hrs and run and not die ? it became about breaking physical boundaries I once never thought were possible and pushing myself to new limits triathlon has changed my life in ways I never even imagined once I push through one barrier I set sights on the next I am truly so very proud as I sit here with tears rolling down my face (tears of pride) and I will be loud about it I don't share my story to brag or big note I do it in hope I can help others I'm not saying stop worrying about weight I just saying stop making it your focus find your triathlon and with kicking goals there and everything els will eventually fall into place I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my amazing and supportive family and friends and also you guys my beautiful followers each and every one of you have been amazing the amount of messages I get some have put tears in my eyes I'm just so happy I can make a difference ? so much love for you all #beforeandafterweightloss #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #vsg #vsgcommunity #triathlon #triathlete #ironman #ironmanaustralia #cairnsim #cairnsim703 #cairnsim2017 #cairnsironman

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And after completing her second competition, Elle went on to conquer the Cairns Ironman.

“I just want to prove to people that if you reach…” a point in your life like she did, “…there is something you can do, and you can save your own life.”

What an inspiring transformation!

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