Doctors Told Her That Her Son Would NEVER Be Able To Walk, But One Day He Surprised Everyone!


We may be faced with an overwhelming number of obstacles, but if we really want something and get support from our loved ones, we can overcome anything. That’s the case for this little 4-year-old boy who was able to grow up healthy despite all the worst prognoses.


Jett was born prematurely, 5 weeks before his due date, due to having a sudden drop in his heartbeat. When he was born, the prospect was worse than it had initially appeared. Jett was born with two holes in his heart, his spine hadn’t properly developed, he didn’t have any muscles in his lower leg, and his feet were pointing upward instead of forward.


Doctors told the tragic prognosis to Amy McNamara, the boy‘s mom: Jett would never be able to walk, he would always need a wheelchair. That really didn’t matter to Amy, who took him home together with his family. Jett was the youngest of 4 siblings and he would have the most difficult time growing up.

But, one day, he surprised everyone. His siblings ran to their mom and dad to tell them that Jett was walking. And so he was, not needing to grab hold of anything, like a regular boy, Jett was walking.


Some time later, his heart repaired the holes, and now 4 years old, Jett can walk short distances or use a walker to not get tired. In the future he’ll be able to use a cane and maybe, if he keeps surprising doctors, walk unaided. At least he’ll always be able to count on the support and love of his family and that is what really counts.