Do you also allow the cat to sleep in his bed? Then you need to know that!


If you adore animals, have at least one purr. You will see, it will not hurt your health!

Here are 10 good reasons why you need to have a kitten!


  1. Your heart will be healthy

Purring soothes and reduces anxiety and stress.


  1. You will always have support

In difficult times, cats help to cope with strong emotions, such as grief and sadness.

By the way, one study showed that these animals are excellent listeners.

  1. You have a good date

90% of the women surveyed believe that men who have cats are more pleasant in communication.


  1. You will seem even smarter!

On average, cat owners have a fairly high level of education.

  1. You take care of the environment

Cats leave a small carbon footprint and eat less than large animals.

  1. You will have a great life partner
  2. You will prove your modesty

Yes, tailed ones are not frivolous. They know who to trust and who should not.


According to the study, people trusted by cats are modest introverts.

  1. You will get better sleep

An interesting fact: women fall asleep better if the cat is sleeping on the next pillow, and not the partner.


  1. You will be protected from allergies.

Young children who grow up in a house with a cat have a better immune system and are more protected from allergies.

  1. One day a cat can save your life.

History knows many cases where cats have warned of a fire or gas leak.

By the way, since they like to catch rats and other rodents, they also protect against diseases that they can bring.


Now I’m thinking about getting a second cat!



If you adore animals, have at least one purr.

As you can see, it will not hurt your health!

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