Did you know that a cat is an indicator of well-being


In cheerful and successful people, a cat evokes extremely positive emotions.


It is interesting that we smile even when a spoiled furry creature rubs against new trousers from French knitwear or tears expensive tights. But, there are also comrades to whom cats and cats are not at all comrades. Do you think that there is nothing strange in this and that everyone has their own taste preferences? In fact, everything is much more complicated.


All sorts of cats are needed


If you think that a cat is just a living mouse trap, then you are very mistaken. This magical animal has a unique bioenergy system. A cat can resonate with a human biofield, performing correction, replenishment, and sometimes restoration. You have probably heard more than once about their ability to «treat» headaches or relieve stress.


A cat is a high-tech sensor with which you can determine the level of well-being. If everything is normal, the fluffy indicator is calm, and if the indicators fall, it starts to get nervous.

The cat is an excellent conflict expert. The owners of murok have repeatedly noticed how a «family psychotherapist» calms a person offended in a scandal or restores the mental balance of a punished child.


Cat — diagnostician of karma



As a rule, negative attitude towards cats is observed among alcoholics, women with unstable personal lives, and children exposed to violence. If a person hates all cats without exception, then in his life everything is not so simple.

You need to try to saturate her with positive emotions, make sense and set goals. Perhaps after that, in the house of such a person there will be a cute fluffy pet with smart green eyes.