Delta Removes 6-Year-Old Boy From Flight For Putting Other Passengers In Danger. His Dad Is Furious, But Other Parents Say It Was The Right Call


A Fox Sports analyst and lawyer is facing backlash after he complained about being kicked off a flight with his son, who has lice.

In an extremely lengthy essay on his website, Clay Travis explained that he, his wife, and their three children, were flying home from a trip to London and Paris when they were kicked off the plane.

“I have a wife and three boys, ages 9, 6, and 2 and on June 30th we all flew to London,” Travis wrote. “During these two weeks in London and Paris our kids took regular baths and we combed their hair after each bath. At no point did either of us see any signs of lice.”

“Until, that is, halfway over the Atlantic Ocean when my six year old son needed to go the bathroom,” he continued. “While he was standing in line for the bathroom, my six year old started to scratch his head.”

“My wife checked to see why he was scratching his head and saw then that he had lice,” he added.

Immediately, plenty of flight attendants came rushing over and revealed that the family would not be able to continue their journey home after landing in Minneapolis.

The couple’s 6-year-old son had to be checked out by medics on the flight before they were even allowed to leave.

“They insisted on conducting a medical examination of my minor children in the customs area of the airport … and they said that if we didn’t consent we wouldn’t be able to fly to Nashville,” Travis told Fox News. “That in no way can be the official policy of Delta Air Lines.”

“And just put yourself in the perspective of a six-year-old kid. He’s standing there with hundreds of people around, while somebody from Delta is combing through his air,” he added.

According to reports, the family was told they could not fly with the airline again until their son was treated.

Delta’s policy allowed the cabin crew to ask the family to leave the plane, but Travis is not buying it.

After he shared his story on social media, however, people seemed shocked that Travis was so angry at Delta for refusing to let his son fly with head lice.

“Delta policy very clearly states those with lice can not travel. What sort of a**hole exposes an entire plane to a very contagious bug?” Erin Kotecki Vest tweeted at Travis.