Deaf Girl Doesn’t Understand Santa, So He Uses Sign Language To Ask What She Wants For Christmas


The best part of the year, for every child, is definitely Christmas time! That’s when parents do everything they can to bring some magic to their kids’ lives. And the crucial detail for that magic to come to life is meeting Santa Claus!

On December 6, 2015. a couple brought their little daughter to meet Santa face to face and to express her wishes for an early Christmas gift.

The girl seemed to ignore the Santa at first. She didn’t respond to his questions about her Christmas wish list. It turned out, as the mom explained to Santa, that the girl couldn’t hear or speak very well.

When it seemed that Santa would just give up the conversation, something magical happened!

The good Saint Nicholas used a different approach – he used sign language to communicate with the girl. Although she was still learning, the communication went on perfectly normal.

The girl and the parents were truly touched to see that someone actually put some extra effort to make sure all kids are equally involved and that they all can enjoy Christmas.

During their brief conversation, Santa Claus found out that the girl wished for a scooter and promised to make sure that she gets one.

Watch this moving encounter in the video bellow and share this story (and Christmas spirit) with your loved ones!