Dalmatian Mom SHOCKED The World By Delivering An 18-Pup Litter, But Only One Was Special!


Australian dog breeder Cecilia Langton-Bunker has much to do these days! Her lovely dog, Miley, recently had her first litter. The three-year-old dalmatian delivered record-breaking 18 puppies, the average quantity being 8–10.

Cecilia said to reporters that the veterinarians had thought there would be only three babies but she had known there would be more at the time! However, she had never expected such great number, all the more for Miley and Astro, puppies’ father, this is the first try.


The labor lasted for 13 hours and was assisted by seven veterinarian nurses! Most of the puppies were born rather fast, but not the last one! It took 2 hours to deliver him! However, he’s one of the cutest in the litter.

Cecilia was proud that her lovely pet managed to surpass the 15-pup litter of the most famous dog couple — Pong and Perdita from 101 Dalmations. Hopefully, she’s not aiming to surpass the overall quantity of babies that the couple gained in the end of the movie.