Daddy Begins Playing Guitar, But Little Toddler Walks Up To Mic And Steals Internet’s Heart


Luca is only two years old, but that doesn’t mean he can’t play the blues like a champion! The moment Dad hands over a harmonica and a mic, Luca proves he can sing the blues with the best of them.
Thank goodness Dad had the camera running the entire time and was able to capture such an incredible performance. Now Luca is melting hearts everywhere — and once you check it out for yourself, you’ll understand why…


According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), music has a variety of important benefits for young children! In addition to developing their mental processing, music can help improve memory, encourage creativity, provide a great way for children to express themselves and help them improve socially with their peers.
So when Dad discovers that his little one loves to sing the blues, he gives Luca all of the tools to make it happen. He had no idea that little Luca would be so good at the musical style!


When Dad starts strumming his guitar, little Luca gives it everything he’s got. He begins belting out baby speak into the microphone with the hearts of a blues musician.
Clutching a harmonica, Luca adds his instrumental talent to their duet. He’s obviously enjoying his jam session with Dad.

The expressions Luca makes throughout his performance are simply adorable. He’s clearly enjoying himself and his quality time with Dad.
He has the rhythm, he has the moves. Once he gets older, he’ll surely love learning more about this musical genre from Dad.

It’s clear that if he’s this good now, it’s only a matter of time before he’s jamming on stage with the greats. He already has the signs of a good performer by the way he grabs the mic and does his little wiggle to the music.
Take a peek at Luca’s adorable performance for yourself in the video below. You just can’t help but crack a smile watching him!


By the huge grin on his face, it’s easy to see he has a future in the music industry! See for yourself how absolutely cute this kid is!