Dad With Kids And Pregnant Wife Displaced By Harvey Cries On TV When Strangers Offer To Help


While many are grappling with the unprecedented aftermath and chaos of Hurricane Harvey, one Houston man, Max Gonzalez, is overcome with emotion by the unprecedented kindness of strangers.

Max, his pregnant wife, and his two daughters, have been displaced by Harvey. KHOU news interviewed Max about the devastating situation. Within just a few hours of the interview airing a complete stranger got in contact with him. She offered his family a place to stay.

“She told us that she would be glad and happy to take us in and help us out,” Max said.

The woman has volunteered to pick the family up from the shelter they are staying at and provide them with lodgings. Max couldn’t hold it in. Tears of joy streamed down his face.

“Everything we’ve been through. Everything we go through. This type of stuff don’t happen to people like us. Now I know it does — faith, belief in God, and the city of Houston,” he says.

With tears rolling down his face, he thanked the people who have shown them support.

The father’s surprise at the kindness is not unwarranted. Looters stole his pregnant wife’s shoes, but even those who were experiencing difficulties like him have offered a lot of help.

“It’s so beautiful, I want to thank everybody,” he says.

Max picked up his daughter who, upon seeing her father crying, wiped the tears from his eyes. While there is no making light of the unthinkable tragedy and indelible mark Harvey will leave on those affected, in difficult times like these it’s always paramount that we highlight the resilience and kindness of the human spirit.

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