Dad Puts Tape Recorder In Age 10 Boy’s Pocket, Sends Him To School. He Can’t Believe What He Catches!


No one knows our children and grandchildren better than we do. That’s why it can be so concerning when out of nowhere they begin to display disruptive behaviors. Now imagine how much harder it can be for children with disabilities to tell someone when there’s a problem.

This is the story of how one dad, whose autistic son began to show signs of emotional distress, had to take extreme measures to catch his abusers red-handed.

New Jersey single dad Stuart Chaifetz said his 10-year-old autistic son, Akian, had been attending a special school for the disabled, located in the Cherry Hill School District, for over a year and a half.

Chaifetz, who described Akian as “wonderful and happy,” became worried when the school suddenly began to send home notes describing his son’s violent behavior.

Right away, he began to investigate, even seeing a school “behaviorist” to figure out what was triggering his son’s outbursts. His efforts were unsuccessful and Akian’s emotional health was only getting worse.

Thinking it could be someone inside his classroom, Chaifetz decided to place a recorder in his son’s pocket before he went to school one day. After listening to the recording, the heartbroken father learned his suspicions had been dead-on. During the six hours of audio, he could hear a teacher and a teacher’s aide bullying the young boy until he cried.

Akian was berated, yelled at to “shut up,” even called a “bastard” by the teacher’s aide. The recording also captured several inappropriate conversations between them about getting drunk and having sexual encounters right in front of the children.

The most heart-wrenching evidence of the entire recording revealed that Akian who would regularly ask to see his father as a form of reassurance. He was told “no” over and over, sending him into a meltdown which lasted over 30 minutes.

Chaifetz knew the audio recording could not be used legally in court in the state of New Jersey, but he decided to send it to the head of the school anyway. This led to the teacher’s aide being fired, although the atrocious and disgusting abuse she directed at Akian was never called into question. Worse, none of the other adults who were present that day, including the teacher, were dismissed.

In the video below, he told his son, “So sorry you went through all this. You didn’t deserve it. You are a wonderful human being, and I love you with all my heart. Please don’t let the cruelty of these vicious and miserable people change your beautiful nature.”

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Chaifetz has now made it his mission to spread awareness about the bullying of innocent children by those who are supposed to protect them from harm.