Dad Cleans Up His Kids’ Room, Places Two Matresses Against The Wall, And Turns Them Into Something Truly Magical!


What to do if you live in an apartment, but your kids are dreaming of a tree house? Well, not every child gets to have his or her dreams about a tree house come true.

However, Adam Hadlock used some imagination and transformed his daughters’ bedroom into a part of fairies’ world! He literally built a tree house in that room! It took Adam about three days to make his children’s dream come true.

“We should show this to the President!”, said the girl when she saw their dad’s sweet present. Should they? 🙂 They may show it to other dads, so more and more kids would receive their desired tree houses right in their bedrooms!

Watch this video to see the entire process of the bedroom’s transition and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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