Chris Brown Explains What Really Happened The Night He Beat Up Rihanna


We have an in depth view of what happened the night Chris Brown was claimed to have attached Rihanna and here is what he said.
In his new documentary Chris explains how he went along and ended up busting Rihanna’s lip.


The singer, now 28, recalled how a fight began after a woman he had previously slept with turned up to a Grammy’s party in February 2009.

Chris described it like this:

She starts going off, she throws the phone ‘I hate you!’, whatever, whatever. She starts hitting me, we’re in a little Lamborghini. You know, she’s fighting me, and I’m like ‘Look, I’m telling you the truth, I swear to God, stop it.’ So then she hits me a couple more times. It doesn’t go from translation to ‘Let’s sit down, I’m telling you the truth.’ So now I’m gonna be mean and be evil. Like I remember she tried to kick me, just like her beating shit. But then I really hit her. With a closed fist. Like I punched her, and it busted her lip. And when I saw it I was in shock, I was ‘Fuck, why did I hit her like that?’ So from there she’s spitting blood in my face, it raised me even more. It’s a real fight in the car, and we driving in the street. I’m like ‘Yo, we tripping, what the fuck, what are we doing?’


Chris Brown has now claimed that Rihanna grabbed his ” Manly Parts ” while he was trying to get his phone. He then bit her arm because he was also driving the car.

He added:

Me? I felt like a fucking monster. A lot of the times, I look back at that picture and I think ‘that’s not me bro, that’s not me’. I hate it to this day, that’s going to haunt me forever.


The full documentary tells you about their early days all the way up to the incident that changed their lives forever.

Brown also said: Mutual sides, it is the first time I get to say anything. I still love Rihanna, but I’m just going to be honest – we would fight each other, she would hit me, I would hit her, but it never was OK.


Although he has came out with this documentary hoping to clear his name I still think that there is no room for violence against women no matter what the case. Do you agree or do you think that its ok for him to hit back if Rihanna was actually the one to instigate it. Maybe there were more underlying issues that we don’t know about. I guess we will just have to believe what we hear and read in the tabloids for now.