Check How Deft Your Attention And Focus Are With This Simple Test!


If our organism is an orchestra, then our brain is its conductor. Sometimes we forget how important it is to keep our brain in shape, but we all have to keep in mind that our brain is like a muscle – it needs regular exercise, otherwise it’s at risk of atrophy.

We like to think of ourselves as the quickest and the smartest, but there are numerous ways to check our assumptions. Of all the intelligence tests out there, the one below is really simple and won’t take much of your precious time.
So let’s see how fast you can find all the ‘F’s in the picture below! Set the timer and start looking for them:


Keep looking…


Are you ready? It took me good three minutes to find all nine, but I’ll blame it on bad eyesight. How long did it take you?

Here is the truth: our brain needs constant stimulation and regular training to keep it agile and alert. There are countless ways to do it, and most of them are not very hard. From now on, I will include mental exercises in my daily routine. I know there is scientific evidence that training your brain can actually reduce your risk of degenerative brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. I hope you will start taking better care of your mind too!