Cat’s dream: what postures and a place to sleep talk about


With cats, a lot of signs are associated, and their behavior is always given considerable attention. If a black cat has crossed your path, then expect failure. If the cat chose a window sill for his washing, then wait for the guests soon. But you should not lose sight of one of the favorite activities of our four-legged friends — a dream. The place and pose of our tailed can tell a lot about our condition and much more.


Traditionally, it is believed that the cat sleeps with the owner to show his love and affection for him. Thus, the cat not only has the opportunity to constantly be nearby with the owner, to know that everything is in order with him. It is also important if the cat chose his place of sleep is not a bed, but a place where the owner stores his things. Thus, he allegedly absorbs all the negative energy. If the cat decided to lie directly at you, then look carefully at where it lies. Often cats lie on the inflamed areas in the body — for example, the legs or stomach, only because more heat comes from inflammation than from other parts of the body. If your cat regularly lays down on the same place on you, do not be too lazy to go to the doctor. Especially if this zone makes you uncomfortable anyway.

Pet behavior characteristic


From the first day, the owner of the cat needs to understand what kind of behavior he wants from his furry. If he wants to strictly adhere to the rules, then he should be forbidden to sleep with him on the bed from the very beginning. If you allow the kitten to climb on your bed or even put it on your own, the cat will quickly get used to such a rookery and you will be forced to sleep in such a company for the rest of its days. This is due to the fact that the cat during sleep feels special vulnerability, and the presence of a host nearby reassures him, because a person is many times more than a pet.


About cases when a cat decides to sleep directly on its owner, we have already written above. In this case, you need to pay more attention to your health and undergo an unscheduled examination.


However, sometimes this can be explained not only by your state of health, but also by the “psychological” features of your pet’s character. After all, everyone knows that cats are quite selfish and that it is most important for them to show their superiority over everyone. Based on this, they can lie on your chest or back, depending on whether you are sleeping on your stomach or back, or they can even lie on your head or close to it. And what are you doing at this time? If this is already the morning hours, and you woke up, then you are unlikely to try to drive away your pet, because he so rarely allows himself such a thing. And then you decide that you are finally loved, that you are missed. The cat sees this very differently. This is her way of showing her dominance over you.