Cassandra Peterson: A Person Behind Famous Elvira Character


Cassandra Peterson, better known as ‘Elvira: Mistress of the Dark’ star, is famous for her vamp appearance, great acting talent, and strong character. Elvira is one of the most iconic Halloween personalities, but Cassandra is no less gorgeous than her movie character.

Childhood and acting career

Cassandra Peterson was born in Manhattan, Kansas. Her mother owned a costume shop, so from a young age, Cassandra spent most of her time dressing like different popular characters and playing in theatrical performances.

Peterson began her career when she was 17, playing a showgirl in “Viva Las Vegas.” When Cassandra settled in Hollywood, she became a participant of the comedy group, The Groundlings. In 1981, she became a hostess of the ‘horror’ TV show “Movie Macabre.”


Personal life

Cassandra had a short-lasting relationship with legendary Elvis Presley. Despite the fact that their loving affair didn’t last long, Peterson admitted the King of Rock-and-Roll gave her a couple of important lessons considering her future career on stage.
Elvis was not the only celebrity man with whom Cassandra was romantically involved. She dated a famous actor Tom Jones; however, their relationships were not so perfect. In one of her interviews, the actress confessed that Jones was an aggressive guy, and once, she was even hospitalized because of him.


After her sad romance with Jones, Cassandra decided to take a time-out in her relationships with men, but at that time, she fell in love with Mark Pierson. Pierson worked as her personal manager, and he supported the actress after her break-up with Jones. Eventually, these two fell in love with each other and got married. The couple had one daughter, but in 2003, they divorced. Peterson never blamed her husband for that; they decided to stay friends and raise their daughter together but not as a married couple.

Behind the scenes of ‘Elvira: Mistress of the Dark’

‘Elvira: Mistress of the Dark’ is a comedy horror film that was named one of the iconic movies of its genre. Her incredible role of attractive witch made Peterson a worldwide star soon after the film was released.


Due to the great success, Elvira went far beyond the movie borders. DC published a series called “Elvira’s House of Mystery” that lasted for 11 issues. Peterson appeared as Elvira in many programs from The Tonight Show to Saturday Night Live. Video games were eventually produced as well.

The main reason why Elvira has been so popular for so long is that Peterson is a very smart businesswoman. She transferred her iconic character from the big screen into reality by launching a production of Halloween costumes, action figures, t-shirts, and calendars featuring awesome Elvira.


Unlike many actors who became famous only as ‘one-role actors’ and couldn’t get rid of this ‘curse’, Cassandra loved her witchy character a lot. The actress confessed she never hesitated a minute to take the role. Moreover, Peterson helped co-write the script to ensure it is close to her vision for the character.

It’s fair to say that Mistress of the Dark remains a full-time business even now. As she owns the rights to Elvira, Peterson and her team are still busy developing the marketing side of Elvira brand. By the way, the gorgeous witch still remains one of the most iconic Halloween personalities today. Cassandra says she also likes to dress up as Elvira on Halloween parties.

Elvira is still popular today as she was 30 years ago. We should say thank for that to amazing and talented Cassandra Peterson.