Can You Figure Out What The Object Is Guy Sees Outside Plane Window At 4,650 Feet In The Air?


While on a flight out of Malaga, Spain to Bristol, England, he saw something that made his heart race out the airplane window. As his heart thumped in his chest, he squinted to get a better look at the strange object in the distant clouds. Then his jaw dropped and he scrambled to take his phone out of his pocket. Thankfully it was on airplane mode so he could easily access its camera. He snapped a few quick pictures to get a picture of whatever it was that he was seeing outside of the Boeing 737. When he landed, the first thing he did, even before going to baggage check, was to post the strange object on social media. Because he thought it was a UFO, he wanted his social media friends to tell him he was crazy and explain the phenomenon as something else. But his fears were confirmed. This was not just some ‘natural phenomenon.’

The picture shows a group of white clouds and a strange, vertical black object poking out of them. The man was confident that it was some strange UFO from a visiting alien race. Here’s how he captioned the images that sparked the debate.

“I genuinely am a normal person who just saw something odd! How perfect of a level were the clouds to have just a smidgen of a tower sticking out the top? Please share this image with anyone you think may be able to answer this question.

“If it is not something on the ground, which I find inconceivable as I was over the sea, then (what) is it? Is it ours? Also is anybody good at judging sizes, it’s massive! I saw it with my eyes first, it was 100 percent outside of the aircraft. I think seeing it from different angles, one reflective and the other literally sticking straight up.”

The comments started streaming in. Others even commented that they saw the same object while flying a plane around Bristol. Meanwhile, one man had a simple solution when he saw the picture of the strange black object in the clouds.

He said the “line” was a 961 foot tall mast from the Mendip Transmitting Station that was on the summit of Pen Hill in Somerset. While this observation calmed down people reading the post, others were not so quick to dismiss the UFO claims.

If you see a UFO, you have a few options. First you might want to contact the Mutual UFO Network or MUFON that has the resources available to help people who have had encounters with UFOs or extraterrestrials.

First, always remain calm if you think you see a UFO. Then look closely because some UFOs are from earth. If you can, record the incident or the UFO on video or take photos. This can help MUFON when you share the footage.

If you’re not alone, get other witnesses to describe what they’re seeing too. This will help verify your UFO sighting.

When viewing from a distance, at arm’s length what would it take to cover the object – a penny, a quarter?

Finally, report the incident to a UFO research organization that will take your encounter seriously.

Have you ever witnessed a UFO?