Can a cat take offense at its owner Can a cat take offense at its owner? How then to return the love of your furry friend?




Cats are very independent animals, but they become attached to their master.



It is noticed that the mood of the cat depends on the mood of the owner. The cat is able to feel the emotional state of a person. Remember: you can’t offend cats, they have a very good memory and they remember the insult for a very long time.

What can cats take offense at? Here are the top five reasons a cat might harbor a grudge against you:


The first reason: you physically punished the cat for doing something. If you could not resist and threw something at the cat or hit him, then the cat will not forget and forgive it.

The second reason: you are very noisy. Cats do not like loud sounds. They prefer to live in silence. The noise prevents them from living comfortably.


The trird reason : you never caress a cat. Everyone needs affection and love. The cat will be offended if you do not at least occasionally stroke and pick it up.


The fourth reason: in no case can a cat be dragged by a scruff. Only mom of the cat was allowed to do so. But an adult cat does not intend to endure such an attitude to his person.


The fifth reason: no need to stop the cat from resting. If the cat is sleeping, then do not touch it. Cats also do not like excessive attention to themselves.


Love and respect your furry friend, and he will definitely reciprocate.