Bullies Mock Teen’s Appearance, But After Mom Allows Plastic Surgery, He Looks So Different


Studies show that more than 160,000 kids stay home from school to avoid being bullied.

Ryan, 15, didn’t want to be another statistic. Ever since the sixth grade, Ryan’s classmates called him “Dumbo” and “Little Elf” because his ears stuck out. The constant teasing destroyed his confidence to the point that he wanted to hide away from the world.

The bullying continued throughout middle school, and by the time Ryan was a high school freshman he started begging his mom to be homeschooled. That’s when she realized just how badly the taunting and ridicule had become.

The distraught teen thought that plastic surgery would be the key to restoring his self-esteem. He also thought it would silence his bullies once and for all. However, his family just couldn’t afford the pricey cosmetic procedure.

After years of being picked on, Ryan and his family reached out to The Doctors for help.

Watch the video below, and tell us what you think about Ryan’s noticeable transformation.

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