Brother With Down Syndrome Holds His Niece For The First, Photos Go Viral Overnight


With Christmas just a few days away (at the time of this writing), it is a good time to focus on the beautiful things in life. With all the negative in the news that has become the new normal, we should take a moment to choose to consume more positive and uplifting content purposefully. Here at AWM, we love to bring you stories that will make you smile. And that’s precisely what this one is all about.
While the love between two siblings can supersede almost anything, the love between a brother and his niece measures off the charts.

In the heartwarming photos, you see a young man with low-functioning Down syndrome. The genetic disorder affects chromosome 21 and results in developmental and intellectual delay. The condition usually correlates with a distinct facial appearance and has links to heart and thyroid diseases.

People who are born with Down’s syndrome live on a spectrum between low and high functioning.

When one Reddit user, by the name of Guinean, introduced his low-function brother with Down syndrome to his daughter, he captured the interaction on camera and uploaded it to the internet.

He shared the following about the moment:

“My brother is a low functioning downsie. He used to love to hold babies, but it’s rare someone lets him know. My wife and I let him hold our baby today and here is his look when we gave her to him and then the way he held her without movement for 5 minutes. I almost cried.”
Because he watched a sense of peace wash over his brother as he held the infant for the first time, Guinean had to share the moment with everyone online. And since it went live on Reddit, it has received nothing but love and appreciation from the general public. Many people have come forward to share their own stories about loved ones with Down syndrome.

For example, one viewer wrote, “The picture on the right brings a tear to my eye, such an amazing photo. Those with DS are some of the most loving human beings on this planet, and your photos show that perfectly.”

Because the post touched many people, Guinean shared an update with his gratitude:

“Wow thank you Reddit! I’m legitimately choked up at all the kind things you internet strangers said. I wish I could communicate all of it to him. I’m really touched and can’t wait to show my parents all the uplifting comments. 100% chance my mom will start sobbing in a good way (there is more rejection for him as an adult because maybe he is fidgety in public or does a number on someone’s toilet etc. So with all the encouragement I bet she is going to be so torn up). I think you just gave her the best Christmas present ever. Thank you all a million times! Really, I had no idea so many people would be so goddamn nice.
“Note: I never actually heard the term downsie in a derogatory way but I can see how that might be a thing. I thought it was an affectionate reference. I hope it’s obvious from the context it is meant to be loving.”

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