Brazilian Stylist And Her Inclusive Fashion


There is one thing that everyone normally notices in the majority of clothing lines: they are always designed to fit a certain body shape, which is not even the same one that most people have. The clothes are usually designed for mostly thin and medium height groups of consumers. This ends up being a very big problem when people who stray from this “standard” go shopping for clothes.

For some, the problem is the waist size in pants, skirts, and shorts. For others, it is quite difficult to find a certain shape; thus, whatever piece is purchased makes a person look either thinner or fatter than they really are. These are just nuisances; however, when we stop to consider the problems for people with some kinds of disabilities who need to adapt to the clothes and not the other way around.


Considering these issues, designer Victoria Cuervo decided to swim against the tide and create more inclusive pieces. She has created a collection in which all the pieces are designed to suit everyone and anyone, including blind people, wheelchair users, and even people born with dwarfism.


Some details that make a difference stand out, such as zippers and side velcro; their purpose is to ease the process of getting dressed and undressed. Another creative idea was handbags and purses that stick to the clothing, thus decreasing the chances of their falling. The designer also created a series of backpacks that can be used with wheelchairs as well as labels in Braille for people who can’t see.


In an interview with Donna magazine, Cuervo said she started working with inclusive fashion in 2009, when she chose to discuss this subject in her undergraduate thesis. According to the designer, this market is still lacking.