Biker Named Tombstone Protects 13 Years Old Girl From Her Abusive Step Father


When people hear the word “biker” they usually imagine tough big guys with tattoos, riding the huge motorcycles, who gather into gangs and making people nervous when they see them. Bikers under the banner of BACA are exactly the same, except one thing they don’t make ordinary people fear them, only those who abuse children.


Their banner BACA means Bikers Against Child Abuse. The goal of these guys is to protect children who suffer from abuse. It may sound incredible, but when they come on the scene everything changes.


The little girl Sarah lived in fear for three years until one day she met bikers from BACA. Her stepfather abused her since she was ten years old. When her mom knew about it, she immediately broke up with this man, but the hell for Sarah wasn’t over. Despite her stepfather didn’t live with them, she couldn’t feel safe.

One day, Sarah and her mom read about BACA bikers. They met the bikers’ leader named Tombstone and for the first time, Sarah could relax. Tombstone promised to take care about Sarah and protect her from her stepfather.

Now Sarah can finally breathe freely because she knows that there are people who stand up for her. Besides, it is difficult to imagine that somebody can go against biker whose name is Tombstone. Watch this video to know more about BACA bikers.