Beyoncé Finally Debuts Her Twins To The World With Instagram Post, One Month After Giving Birth


For the first time ever, Beyoncé is showing off her 1-month-old twins to the world!

Fans and followers had been on their toes since her pregnancy announcement on February 1, 2017. Although she and husband Jay Z did their best to keep it quiet, the world roared with excitement the moment the twins’ births were confirmed.

The twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, were officially born on June 14, 2017. Beyoncé was unable to carry the twins to term so they were born prematurely, according to TMZ, which also reported they were “under the lights” and treated for jaundice due to “elevated bilirubin levels.”

Luckily, their condition wasn’t dangerous, and the twins are doing great. They join their older sister, 5-year-old Blue Ivy, as the second and third children in the Carter family.

And now the proud mama is debuting Rumi and Sir Carter in the most breathtaking photo.

In the video below, posted on July 14, 2017, Beyoncé stands tall in front of a colorful arrangement of flowers. She holds the twins in her arms as a purple gown cascades around her body and down to the ground.

The photo has been posted to Instagram and already become iconic among friends and fans alike. Here’s your chance to take a good look at Rumi and Sir Carter for the first time!

Check out the video below to take a peek at these 1-month-old twins, and please SHARE if you are delighted to finally see what Beyoncé’s little ones look like!