Best Man’s Pants Fall Down In Middle Of Ceremony, But What Priest Says Next Flips The Crowd


They lined up at the altar with common serious expressions on their faces. The bride had a strapless gown outfit, and her long hair looked fashionable on top of her. A salon expert must have done a great job to ensure that the bride carries the day.

All went on well and as usual. The time to exchange rings came, and the bride together with the groom turned out to the best man. The next thing was one of those moments that everyone in the congregation would not like to miss. The duo was just about to make the life commitments as they exchange the vows. At such moments, everyone present would be more attentive like never before.

Usually, those are the moments that the couple would look straight into each other’s eyes to show that they have a deep love which they share with their heart. In many cases, tears might force their way down the cheeks of the couple as well as their friends and families.
Something happened that turned over the event that everyone was anxiously following. Just as the best man was moving forward to present the groom’s ring to the bride, something terrible, rather funny, happened that will live in people’s heart for quite a long time. It was one of those rare happenings that would feature in a standard wedding just like this one. His pants fell, and the reaction from the crowd confirmed an embarrassing moment to the best man.

His striped boxer is what he was left with before the congregation with everyone present: the couple, the audience, the priest, the guests, name them, were all present and witnessed as all unravel before their eyes. A brief moment of silence followed, and after that, the crowd burst into a loud laughter. The groom could not stop giggling. The bridesmaid, on the other hand, covered her mouth in amazement. She turned around in an attempt to catch a glimpse of anyone she knew from the crowd as she laughs uncontrollably.

The best man gathered his remaining strength after an embarrassment of that magnitude and pulled up his pant. The priest then did just the right thing to pick the program from the point it had been paused when the unexpected happened. “That is the only reason why we need to have happy moments in a wedding,” he cracked.
It was the priests attempt to cover over the interruption so quick, but it was so hilarious that it could not be glossed over that fast. The bride and the groom could not contain it. They continue giggling, with the groom showing no sign of stopping soon. He couldn’t control himself.

It was a similar situation to the one that kids face in a classroom where they know they have to stop and be attentive but are unable to do so. Both the bride and the groom had their microphones on their heads, so their giggling was being amplified and goes to the speaker who brought it out loud and clear. They could not hide it from their audience who also could not stop giggling.

The priest never got annoyed but tried his level best to get things back to normal. “Sometimes the holy spirit surprises us with gifts.” He said in his attempt to calm the congregation.The video somehow found its way to the internet where it caught the attention of everyone. It had more than 19 million views with almost every viewer leaving a comment. “There is something for him to share with his kids,” one of them wrote. Others let out their confessions as having had similar moments. One woman could not stop laughing “at DMV [Department of Motor Vehicle] of all the places,” she said, and soon joined with others in her laughter.

Finally, the bride requested the groom to stay calm. He took a deep breath and gained control of himself as can be seen towards the end of the video. However, the control was temporary as he lost it again when reminded of the incident later on when they got out of the altar.


Some viewers indicated that laughter is key for a successful relationship, and by extension, for life as a whole. As the priest said, “Lord, grant us the gift of laughter whenever we need it.”
We have attended weddings, and many shocking, embarrassing, and funny moments must have unfolded before our own eyes. We invite your comments by sharing with us the experience that you had. Tell us that which you saw that you would never forget in your life. Don’t shy off from telling us if it was you who suffered that fate.

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