Before Dying He Changed His Will And Gave Everything Away To A Stranger, But When His Family Found Out…


Sometimes a stranger is closer to us than our own family. That’s the point which was uncovered in the mystery surrounding Ronald Butcher.

Butcher died at the age of 75. When his will was read out by his lawyer in front of the family, everyone was in for a big surprise: the finances and properties were handed over to a stranger. The benefactor was Daniel Sharp.



Who was Daniel Sharp? asked the family. Soon, close family members of the Butcher family began a lawsuit to get back the inheritance.

But it turns out Daniel Sharp was a friend of Butcher and the only man in the last two years who had really cared about him. So, before dying, this man changed his will and left everything to Daniel. While his family didn’t even get a slice of cake.


As an argument, Daniel’s lawyers in court said that Mr. Butcher was so alone and abandoned by his own family, that he died and they only saw his body two months later. Who called him during that time to worry about him? Nobody. But when they found out he had died, everybody wanted to get their hands on a piece of the pie. As they say, you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. So, Butcher chose a good friend, to whom he left everything he had in life.