Baby Deer Squeezes Through Fence Gap Every Day So She Can Cool Off Swimming Laps In Family Pool


There are few things cuter than a puppy “dog paddling” around in a pool or the ocean. There’s something so sweet about an already adorable animal enjoying a nice swim. I’ve watched plenty of videos about swimming dogs, but this video of a swimming deer just might be the first of its kind I’ve ever seen.

In a video posted on June 14, 2017, Freehold, New Jersey, homeowner Brittney Benincasa shared hilarious footage of a baby deer hanging out in her pool.

At first, the little fawn just casually hangs out near the steps. It almost looks like she’s tentatively exploring her surroundings while enjoying the jacuzzi jets on her body.

Soon enough, the little fawn takes off! She swims all the way to the other end of the pool, quite gracefully, might I add.

According to NJ.com, Brittney came home after running errands on that day and found the wet baby deer sunbathing in her backyard. Originally thinking the deer fell into the pool, she called animal control and opened the gates to allow the deer to escape. However, the fawn wasn’t interested in escaping at all, and as the video proves, her dip in the pool was entirely voluntary.

“She kind of just hung out,” Brittney told NJ.com. “And then she just stepped down again and started to swim laps around the pool, like she belonged there. Like she owned the place.”

The fawn then came back for a swim every other day that week, except for one day when it was raining. Brittney told CBS that the family has taken to calling their new pool guest Bambi.

What would you do if you found a deer in your backyard?

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