Authorities Want To Start Arresting People For Posting Photos Of Their Children Online


Every parent does it. If they have a social media profile, it gets littered with pictures of the children. Whether it’s of a newborn or a toddler, scroll through your Facebook feed and you’ll see countless images of children posted onto Facebook by their parents. You’d probably assumed that this is ok by the law. But you’d be wrong. Now parents who post pictures of their kids on Facebook could face legal charges and even jail time. You need to learn more about this oppressive new form of censorship.
Because lawmakers in France want to make it illegal to post pictures of a person without their permission, parents will no longer be able to post candid images of their children.

Although this might sound insane to Americans, France lawmakers are trying to protect women from their ex-lovers. Sometimes scorned men posted pictures of the women they have been with in revealing positions. This can affect future job prospects and be extremely embarrassing.

But children might be protected under the law as well. If mom or dad want to share potty training pictures or a video of a diaper change, they could be thrown behind bars in France. The parents do not have their child’s approval to use those images.

Punishments for photo happy parents include a fine up to $48,000 and a year in prison.

“In a few years, children could easily take their parents to court for publishing photos of them when they were younger,” Eric Delcroix, who specializes in internet law and ethics, told Le Figaro newspaper. “Children at certain stages do not wish to be photographed or still less for those photos to be made public.”
Even the French armed forces are getting involved. They have warned parents about sharing images of their children because they could be thrown in jail and hit with the large fine.

“‘Please stop posting pictures of your kids on Facebook. Remember that posting pictures of your children on Facebook is not safe,” according to The Local. “It is important to protect the privacy of minors and their images on social networking sites.”

In 2015, the University of Michigan conducted an awareness study that discovered that 74 percent of people who responded did not feel comfortable posting baby pictures on the internet. Nevertheless, they shared their images anyways because the crowd was doing it and they wanted to fit in.
What’s even more scary is that when 51 percent of parents share images of their babies and children on social media, they reveal information on where to find the kid. If a child predator wanted to abduct a child, the majority of parents are giving them the location of their children for free.

Besides sharing all this information, more than half of mother and a third of fathers reveal health and parenting issues about their children on social media. This insurance companies.

What do you think about this emerging and worrying trend for parents in social media conduct?