Ashton Kutcher Made A Promise To Fight Against Human Trafficking. Next Thing We Know, He Rescues 6000 Victims!


The ‘Two And A Half Men’ star, Ashton Kutcher had shared some details on the performance of his organization called ‘Thorn.’ Which fights against human trafficking online. And that makes sense, as nowadays we can do quite everything in the net: pay the bills, watch movies, shop, send messages, etc.

“We’ve built a tool to help law enforcement prioritize their caseload and recover victims and find traffickers. And we’ve found and identified and recovered over 6,000 trafficking victims this year. And we’ve found, identified, and recovered 2,000 traffickers,” said the actor.

Can you imagine that?! What an incredible outcome.

Watch this video to find out more about Ashton Kutcher’s organization.

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