Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Long-Lost Son Is All Grown Up And Looks Exactly Like His Dad


In 2011, news broke that actor and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger had fathered a son with his housekeeper of 20 years, Mildred Baena.

The bodybuilder had found out himself about eight years after the child’s birth, but kept his son a secret from his family. Shortly after the world found out about his extramarital affair, his wife Maria Shriver filed for divorce.

His son’s name is Joseph Baena, and he has kept himself mostly in the shadows, even after his famous father’s actions were revealed. But now, six years after his and his mother’s faces graced magazine covers and appeared on television screens, he’s beginning to look more and more like his dad.

In fact, now that Joseph is older, the resemblance is so striking that it has become undeniable that Arnold Schwarzenegger is his father!

Now scroll down to see what the young man looks like today!


Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for wearing many hats in his career: he was a bodybuilder, an actor, and the former governor of California.

But in 2011, news broke that he was the dad of a young son he’d fathered with his housekeeper of 20 years.

The child’s name is Joseph Baena, and six years after the scandal, he’s all grown up and looking more and more like his dad every day.

Despite the scandalous affair and his subsequent divorce, Arnold has publically embraced being his son’s father. The two have been seen on outings together, and the proud dad has posted about his long-lost son on social media.

Most recently, he wished Joseph a happy birthday online.

But we can’t help but notice just how alike the father and son look.

There is no doubt that Arnold is, in fact, Joseph’s dad.

When you compare a young Arnold to what Joseph looks like today, the resemblance is uncanny!

And who knows — perhaps the young man will be as enthusiastic about fitness and acting as his father and pursue those interests to make a career for himself.

Arnold must be so proud!

He’s also the father of sons Christopher and Patrick, and daughters Katherine and Christina.

His son Christopher with Maria Shriver was born just weeks before Joseph.

But Arnold is giving all of his children equal attention, especially on social media.

We’re sure Joseph has not only found a father, but siblings as well!

Please Rasplove if you can’t believe Joseph is all grown up and looks almost identical to his dad!