Are You A Strategist Or A Tactician? This Test Will Reveal It!


There’s a big difference between a strategist and a tactician. Being one or the other defines your behavior and emotional reactions in many aspects of life. And it begins with the perception of the world. Here’s a cool test to determine who you are. Look at the picture below, what do you see first?

Cat — you are a strategist! You perceive general ideas and produce long-term plans! You omit details because your perspective is more global. But that makes it possible for you to quickly assess the situation or grasp new knowledge. Your emotions are bright and powerful, but they come and go fast. This world can get you easily, but you won’t be worrying for a long time!

Mouse — you are a tactician. You see the details that others can omit. You are necessary when it comes to the implementation of a plan. Your scrupulosity will enable you to get prepared for any unexpected event and to act accordingly. Your emotions are often under control, and it’s hard to offend you. But once someone does it, you’ll remember it for long.