Animal Services Sees Puppy In Car, But When They Check Temperature Inside, They Try To Save Her


The Riverside County Department of Animal Services made a startling rescue during a heatwave in Riverside, California. A puppy was trapped inside a car that got so hot, its temperature reached a whopping 133 degrees.

Misty, a pit-bull-mix puppy, was spotted within a car by a Good Samaritan, who then called the authorities.

An animal services officer arrived, and the moment she pulled up she could hear Misty panicking and panting inside the car.

She took the temperature of the car using an infrared thermometer. It read nearly 125 degrees.

She called her commanding officer instantly to free the poor puppy.

When the sergeant arrived, he gauged the situation and, using a pair of snake tongs, opened the door of the car and freed Misty.

He checked the temperature of the car again before leaving. It read 133 degrees.

Misty was taken to the vet to receive some much-needed refreshment. She suffered no injuries.

Misty’s owner was fined for leaving her in the car. He claimed the windows were left slightly open by his cousin, whom he’d left Misty with. He thought Misty would just be left in the car for a few minutes with food and water.

Thankfully, Misty was freed in time.

If you or anyone you know has a pet, Riverside Animal Services urge owners not to leave them in cars.

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