An Elderly Couple Sells Their Home In Which They Have Been Living For 76 Years Without Doing Any Repair. And It’s Perfect!


76 years ago, Tom and Jean Chitem bought their first home in Sydney, Australia. Since then, they have been living in this house where all their memories. Moreover, they never did house repairs. Everything, inside and outside, looks the same as in 1938.
At the age of 103 and 100 (!) the couple finally decided to sell their home and move to a nursing home. During these wonderful 76 years, they had children and grandchildren, the latter repeatedly visiting the house! Of course, for the old couple the house is full of pleasant memories.


When prospective buyers entered the house, they were in shock. The house had no flaws and was absolutely the way it was purchased 76 years ago. The buyers had the feeling that they were in the distant 30-ies! All the carpets and furniture were in excellent condition. Even the smallest details didn’t seem worn out. The buyers felt like they were in a completely different dimension.


Tom and Jean took a mortgage to pay for the house. It took them about 20 years to pay it off. When the house was finally in their full possession, they realized that this was their dream home and that they would have never sold it.


Surprisingly, even the kitchen was in excellent condition. Whoever saw the house, including the curious neighbors, were stunned to see how well it had been taken care of. Tom and Jean treated their home with great respect and care, and this was clear to anybody visiting the house.


While the neighbors were doing one repair after another, the Chitems carefully maintained the house original conditions. Thanks to their efforts, the house is truly magnificent.


The couple was also asked how they managed to love each other for so many years. Tom resents the fact that couples, nowadays, are short-lived. He is devoted to his wife and always loved her all these years. When Jean got sick and couldn’t be mobile as before, Tom took over all the housework. Up to the sale date, you can see Tom in the yard carefully cutting the lawn, which has always been in excellent condition. However, the couple decided that it was time to move to a nursing home and sell their sweet home, and relax.


This photo was taken in front of the house. The couple are just as happy as the day they purchased their home.


As already mentioned, the interior of the house has not been changed for all these years. Outside, the garage and a small porch have been done.


The house was sold at auction. After 22 bets, was finally purchased by a woman who refused to give her name, for 1.6 million dollars! I hope the Chitams now I feel good, and their dream came true: they are retired!


Here’s a 76 year story. Frankly, I’d like to see this house at least for a moment. I don’t even know how it was possible to keep the house in such good condition for all these years!