Almost Nobody Can Spot The Venomous Snake Hiding Among The Leaves In This Photograph


In elementary school, one of my teachers had a snake as a classroom pet. The reptile was really cool, except that she escaped all the time.

One spring day, she slithered out of the radiator during an assembly and everyone freaked out.

For many people, there’s nothing scarier than seeing a snake in an unexpected place. Snake phobias are actually one of the most common fears around.

The slithery creatures are also known for hiding in strange places. From radiators to toilets and garage boxes, snakes will hang out wherever they can fit.

Australia’s Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 have seen it all: every type of snake in pretty much every possible location.

They keep their fans updated on Facebook, and whenever they find a truly hidden or camouflaged snake, they share it as a “spot the snake” game!

Check out the photo below and see if you can find the venomous snake hiding in the leaves.


On October 31, 2017, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 shared the above on Facebook.

They wrote, “SPOT THE SNAKE! Must be time for another one of these games. Extra points for what species the snake is too!”


Hundreds of people stared at the photo, searching for the snake. Where could it possibly be hiding?


In the comments, individuals started taking guesses — but they were almost all wrong.


Some people completely gave up after a few minutes, getting frustrated by not being able to find the snake.

Are you as annoyed as these people are?


Lots of people took the photo as a warning that they wouldn’t be able to see a snake hiding in real life either.

“I would be stepping all over these guys,” one woman wrote. “I never see them.”


If you still can’t find the snake, here’s a hint: it’s a red-bellied black snake.

The above photo shows what type of snake you should be looking for.


The red-bellied black snake is native to eastern Australia.


Although the red-bellied black snake is venomous, getting bitten by one isn’t generally fatal.

OK, ready to see where the snake is hiding? Click on the photo below!


There it is, circled in red.

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page wrote:


Here’s the answer from last nights “spot the snake”.


A young Red-bellied Black, sticking out from underneath the hot water cylinder in the centre of an apartment building in Sippy Downs.


I managed to encourage him out with my snake hook, and got to show a few locals how stunning and placid these guys are.


Now that you see the snake, it’ll be impossible to unsee it!

It’s always impressive how well-camouflaged snakes are, even when they have red bellies like this animal.