Almost Nobody Can Spot The Horse Hiding In This Ordinary Picture Of A Frog. Do You See It?


Growing up, my friends and I always loved optical illusions — we could spend hours at a time staring at the pages of optical illusion books.

Although it can be insanely infuriating when you’re unable to find the object you’re supposed to see, it’s so rewarding when you finally spot it.

Here at LittleThings, we love a good optical illusion. We spent hours staring at this carpet, looking for the hidden cell phone.

Now, the latest optical illusion to grab our attention is this ordinary drawing of a frog — and a horse.

Hidden somewhere in the picture is a second animal, but you have to look at it just right to spot the horse

When it sprung up on the internet, people were immediately confused — everyone just saw the frog. Was there really another animal there?

Although it’s an old image, it’s still just as difficult to see both animals at once.

I got so frustrated looking at this black-and-white drawing that I had to look up the answer. But now that I see the secret, I can never unsee it! Ready to try this optical illusion and see if you can spot it?

Here’s the original image. If you’re anything like me, you immediately saw a frog, but nothing else.

The frog looks like it is sitting on the ground, or at the edge of a pond.
If you’re struggling to see the frog, here it is, outlined in blue.

Now, for the real challenge: Scroll back up to the first image and see if you can find the second animal!

Here’s what the image looks like in color.

If you’re completely stumped, I should let you know that the image doesn’t contain an entire horse body.

All you should look for is the bust of the horse — that is, the head and neck.

Did you see the horse? No? Don’t worry, I didn’t either.

The box on the image above shows where the horse is on the image. Does that help at all?

Here’s a hint: Look closely at the body of the frog.

When you look closely at the body of the frog, you will start to notice some unusual details.

Spend a minute perusing the way the frog is squatting at the edge of the water.

Right where the frog’s leg joins his body, you will notice a dark hollow that almost looks like an eye.

Some details might be easier to make out in the colorful version of the image.

For example, look at the ‘lily pad’ under the frog’s feet. Doesn’t the texture look unusual?

Have you spotted the horse yet? If not, scroll through for the big reveal!

I bet you see it now, don’t you?

Are you both relieved and totally frustrated that you didn’t see it earlier?

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