After 20 Years Taking Care Of Her Handicapped Husband, Their Son Decided To Thank You With A Trip Though 20 European Countries


Carla Brooks took care of her husband for 20 years after he had a stroke that left him handicapped. During all those years, Carla has helped him every day making him company and being his caretaker — something that only a great women can do.

Her son Barton grew up watching all this love and strength from his mother, but after his father died, he realized she was a bit lost with the situation. One day, looking through the pages of a photo album — many of them showing her mother happy during her travels — he took a very beautiful decision: He’d take his mother on a trip to visit 20 European countries; one country for each year staying at her husband side.


Obviously Barton’s intention was to offer an opportunity for his mother to have a good time and forget about her husband’s death. In addition, the trip would be a simple and creative way for thanking her for all the years of love and dedication.



The trip started on September 29th and Carla, Barton and his boyfriend are having a great time, making many tours, and recording and commenting everything on The Little Girl from Kamas blog. The trio has already been to London, Prague, Munich, Paris, Switzerland…


Barton said that the name of the blog is also a tribute to Carla. His father would jokingly call her Little Girl from Kamas (a city from Utah) every time she’d do something impressive and it would always make her smile.…


Wow! Congratulations to this lovable son!

It would be great if every mother could receive gifts like this!