A Woman Fed Up With High Mortgage Cost Builds A Tiny House For Herself Which Is Only 75$ Per Month


This woman knows how to deal with problems. Once she decided that saving money was impossible with such a huge mortgage bill, she used to pay 1.600 $ each month, and it absolutely depleted her accounts. While her children grew up and left the family house to build their own lives, Michele Boyle knew it was a perfect chance to change hers.

As she did not need a big house only for herself anymore, she built a new one.

I won’t need much siding….it’s all windows! Like swiss cheese, with a door. 😁

Posted by My Tiny Empty Nest on Montag, 11. Dezember 2017

This tiny little house is only 204-square-foot, it seems perfect – neat and lovely, and cheap! Now Michele expenses are just 75 dollars monthly.

The Hideout kitchen will sit over the fender. The leftmost windows in this pic are in the living area under loft #2.Have I mentioned yet that this floorplan is my FAVORITE one EVER!?

Posted by My Tiny Empty Nest on Montag, 11. Dezember 2017

The bill includes wifi, water and electricity, and as surprising as it is – the house has a kitchen, a living room and a loft-bedroom.


The woman is happy living in her tiny and cozy shelter, she made it meeting her own tastes and preferences, because she designed every piece of it.


Now she does not stop, she keeps building. Apparently, it really inspired Michelle and opened her hidden talents she can use now.

Throw Back Thursday! This pic was taken in November 2015.Here she is…..My Empty Nest in all her fresh, newly finished, glory!

Posted by My Tiny Empty Nest on Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2017

Creating something with your hands is really an outstanding experience.