A Husband Bought His Wife A Bench In Her Beloved Park, But What She Found On It Brought Her To Tears


In July of 2017, a woman named Anna Wiese shared a beautiful moment between her mother Pam and father Jeff. For their 30th wedding anniversary, Anna’s father got her mother an incredible gift in their home of Medina County, Ohio.

Long walks in a local park are a favorite activity of the couple so the husband decided to surprise his wife with a gift that would last forever.

For their 30th anniversary, Jeff purchased a bench within their favorite park. He added to the bench an engraved plaque dedicated to their 30-year anniversary.

Anna was present when her father showed the gift to her mother. She was able to snap a few photographs of her mom’s reaction after seeing the bench the first time, and a couple photos of her mom enjoying her new bench.

Anna eventually uploaded a few of the pictures to Twitter and the lovely story of her parent’s anniversary present went viral. To date the post has collected over 345,000 likes and more than 71,000 re-tweets.

Read on below to find out why this post became such a viral sensation!

Pictured here is Anna Wiese. She took the photos of that amazing moment when her mother, Pam saw the bench and plaque from her father, Jeff. After the event, Anna posted some of those photos to her Twitter account, which quickly gained a lot of attention!

Sometimes my mom visits me in Columbus and takes cute photos of me

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On July 1, 2017, Anna posted four of those photos to Twitter. The twitter post containing the photos of this amazing gift has received over 345,000 likes and more than 71,000 re-tweets. The first photo Anna posted was of the bench and the newly attached plaque.

Anna’s mother couldn’t believe that her husband Jeff had put a plaque on a bench in their favorite Ohio park. Having this beautiful gift in the park the couple regularly walks through was the gift of a lifetime for Pam!

The plaque commemorates the couple’s love for either as well as their love of this special park. After taking it all in and reading the plaque for the first time, Pam had to try the bench out for herself!

Twitter users wanted to see more of this amazing anniversary gift!

A Twitter user named Meg thought it was the loveliest gift she’d ever seen. Another Twitter user named Chuck commented that Jeff just won Husband of The Year for his “expert level husbanding” — we can’t disagree!

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