A 5-Year-Old Boy Visits His Late Twin Brother’s Grave ToTell About His First Day At Kindergarten


Willis and Walker Myrick were twin brothers but they never had a chance to play basketball together, fight or even meet. A rare condition called twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome caused the death of Willis. This syndrome affects identical twins who share a placenta. But the connection between the brothers remained.

Walker often visits his brother’s grave. He goes there to talk to him. When the boy was only 5 years old, he asked his mother, Brooke Myrick, whether he could visit Willis and tell him about his first day at the kindergarten.

Walker is a 9-year-old boy now. But he still often goes to the cemetery to talk to Willis.


Mrs. Myric says,

“Identical twins are known to carry a very strong connection and I believe it’s still there with my boys. Walker has a drive to make sure Willis is never forgotten.”


Now, the Myricks are fighting to raise awareness of TTTS. They had no idea such thing even exists until it hit them.

“We were not screened for it, nor did our doctor refer us to a specialist or even know that my boys were identical and sharing a placenta. We fight for awareness because of the lack of knowledge that our doctor possessed about this disease.”