911 Operator Gets A Call From Sassy Toddler. When Cop Shows Up, She Can’t Believe What She Finds


When adults talk about emergency situations they usually think about medical emergencies, gunshots, car accidents and so on.

Children however, and toddlers in particular, have a very different idea about emergencies.

Their list would probably consist of an empty cookie jar, a broken toy, or simply having to go to bed when they really don’t want to since the night is still young.

Aaliyah’s mom taught her to always dial 911 if there is an emergency. Being a good girl that she is, that’s exactly what Aaliyah did when she found herself facing a pretty tough situation.

This happened in the spring of 2016. Aaliyah faced a challenge like no other and she decided that she needed some help, so she dialed 911.

When she reached the officer on the other side of the line, she didn’t say much. A couple of “hellos” were everything the dispatcher was able to get out of her.

However, a deputy who was nearby overheard the conversation, and decided to go and check if everything was fine, just in case.

When deputy Martha Lognes showed up at his door, Aaliyah’s grandfather was puzzled – he had no idea his granddaughter had called the police to her rescue.

Martha recalls the event: “She just comes running around and she’s like ‘HEY!’ And she has one pant leg on and the other pant leg is off.” Aaliyah was having troubles putting her pants on, which is indeed an emergency when one wants to go out and be presentable.

Martha helped Aaliyah with her pants, and while she was at it, with her shoes as well.

Martha was thrilled by the little girl’s call.

“My heart went out to Aaliyah, because not too long ago, I was the little girl dialing 9-1-1 just so I could see police officers show up at my house,” said the deputy. “I was so enamored by police officers as a kid.”

When Martha left, Aaliyah’s grandad called her mother to tell her what just happened. Her mom was at work at the time and sadly didn’t get to see the show for herself.

“My dad gave me a call and was just like, ‘Your daughter just called the police on me!’” laughed the happy mom. “Then he said Aaliyah wouldn’t let the cop leave.”

Martha and Aaliyah have stayed in contact and remained friends ever since the emergency.

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